$300 for 3 or 4 Looks

We shoot inside a controlled, air-conditioned environment to keep you comfortable! You'll have access to a changing area and bathrooms, and there's no time limits.

Hair and Makeup

While not required, it is highly recommended and paid separately to the artist.

$110 for women

$75 for men

What should I bring?

The age old question! Begin to think about your different looks. What types are you called in for most? Is there a new type you'd like to create? Colors, colors colors! No plain black or white. You don't have to wear crazy pastels, but colors will help your shots pop. Stay away from crazy patterns or anything "too loud." Avoid major branding labels.

Also feel free to bring anyone or anything thats going to make you the most comfortable! (minus pets)


*Fees for work are non-refundable except in cases of technical issues